RGB4 works from Tomoko Ueyama about a spring 2020 about the repeat performance of << patrinia yellow >> a music around (the second half of 2019) RGB3 - RESONANTLY GROOVING BEATS - RGB2 - Replace the Gliding Body - a music around (the first half of 2018) worte in my diary Nov.29(2),2018 worte in my diary Nov.29,2018 worte in my diary Apr.08,2018 worte in my diary Mar.17,2018 on vimeo Twill The Light 042 on vimeo Twill The Light 041 a text from Mimiz blog May.24,2011 a text about movie [Ryuichi Sakamoto:CODA] [2017 12 21] a text about monologue opera [The New Era] [2018 01 25] on vimeo Twill The Light 040 worte in my diary about [jan.13,2018] on vimeo Twill The Light 039 this_web_cd_mimiz_romantik this_web_cd_chamber_music_2011-2015 this_web_works_page_patrinia_yellow this_web